Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dressing for the theatre, dahling

Pattern: Simplicity 2147

Size: 10

Fabric: Teal spot viscose

Usually I have a pattern in mind and then hunt down fabric to go with it. On this occasion, I found this fabric whilst looking for something else and just couldn't leave the shop without it. The colour and pattern are so me and it's so soft and drapey I knew I had to have it. So I also had to find a pattern to go with it! I fancied something comfy but elegant, with a theatre trip coming up and I thought Simplicity 2147 was just that, whilst also being quite versatile for future use.

Pub posing
I opted for a size 10 although my measurements pointed to a 12: whilst I know the style is loose-fitting, I didn't want too much of a sack. It fits ok, but is a bit tight around the underarms which I suspect wouldn't be a problem if I'd gone for the 12. Still, it's not a big issue, and I'll know for next time!

Lovely pleats
Nice flutey sleeves and a stuffed ram with impeccable taste in accessories
It came together really quickly and serves exactly the purpose I hoped it would. It had its debut this weekend when my lovely best friend took me to see Wicked in London!

Yay! We went to see Wicked! It was true to its name.
The show was fantastic and my dress/tunic was comfy but I still felt like I had made an effort (unlike some people there - jeans, t-shirt and trainers? Some people have no sense of occasion!).

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