Monday, 22 July 2013

In the land of yoghurt and honey

Pattern: Miz Mozelle by Jamie Christina
Size: 12
Fabric: Cotton jersey from Birmingham rag market

Prize for the prettiest pattern booklet ever goes to...Jamie Christina for Miz Mozelle! What a treat to have a beautiful, shiny, full-colour booklet for instructions! It's fun seeing how the different designers choose their design and packaging. This one can't have been cheap, but did make me extremely happy the whole time I was using it.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

It's a hell of a day at sea, Sir!

Pattern: Gathered Sundress from Pattern Runway
Size: 12
Fabric: Polycotton from Minerva Crafts and Mason's

This is actually the second pattern I've made from Pattern Runway, but the first one won't be making an appearance quite yet. Pattern Runway have quickly become my favourite indie pattern producer for the simple reasons that the patterns are gorgeous and unusual, they fit really well, the instructions are fantastically clear and usable, and they come as PDFs. Yay!! The whole process was easy and enjoyable except for I seem to have lost the ability to insert a zip - this one went in and came out about 5 times for assorted stupid reasons (one time because I'd put it in back to front - idiot!) and it's still not very neat.

Friday, 5 July 2013

A brace of beautiful blouses

Pattern: New Look 6808

Size: 12

Fabric: Version 1 - Fruit print from Minerva Crafts

Another pattern that has been hanging around for ages and I'm so glad I finally made one! I don't have a lot of luck with tops. You may not realise this, as I'm sneaky and don't blog my failures! I've tried a Banksia, a Mathilde, a Lydia and none of them have worked. The Banksia was sickeningly twee, Mathilde didn't suit my body shape, Lydia was just god awful (see below!). Whilst a good stack of jersey tees is always good, it's nice to have some more special tops too.