Monday, 22 July 2013

In the land of yoghurt and honey

Pattern: Miz Mozelle by Jamie Christina
Size: 12
Fabric: Cotton jersey from Birmingham rag market

Prize for the prettiest pattern booklet ever goes to...Jamie Christina for Miz Mozelle! What a treat to have a beautiful, shiny, full-colour booklet for instructions! It's fun seeing how the different designers choose their design and packaging. This one can't have been cheap, but did make me extremely happy the whole time I was using it.

The illustrations are clear and there are extra tips at the back of the booklet if you need help with things like using bias binding. I think that's a really good compromise - helping out the beginners whilst not bogging down the main instructions with minutiae.

The design of this dress is fantastic - it's so unusual and I LOVE the fabric too (£2 a metre from the Birmingham rag markets). Big Minx very kindly said I looked like I should be walking around a Greek island and we agreed that the colours in the dress are rather yoghurt and honey-esque. It's comfy, thanks to the elasticated waist, but drapes and swishes so elegantly, I feel terribly lady-like wearing it.

The only issue, and I know other people have mentioned this, is that the keyhole is quite large. My bias binding makes it rather stiff as well so it doesn't lie perfectly. I can totally live with it though.

It's a shame none of the other Jamie Christina patterns really appeal, and I hope she brings out some more corkers like this one! Top marks and double thumbs up for this dress!


  1. Another stunning creation xx Can't understand how you get the time to do all these projects!! I'm retired and the material and dress pattern you sent me is still in the bag/envelope they came in!!!!!!

    1. Ah yes, but have you noticed how much better behaved your dogs are? ;-)
      Best get cracking on that dress - the end of August will come round quickly! xx