Thursday, 24 January 2013

The pattern that never stops giving

Pattern: Renfrew from Sewaholic

Size: 8 shoulders, grading to 6 waist

Fabric: Dusky pink lace knit from Ditto Fabrics

Some fabrics are so rare that I pretty much have a 'must buy' policy. A lace knit is one of those - I think I've only seen it once before, in fact. So, when I noticed this glorious dusky pink one on the Ditto Fabrics website, I snaffled me some pronto. I then realised, to my delight, how nice it would look with a shirt I had bought recently that didn't actually go with anything.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Not called 'Amazing Fit' for nothing

Pattern: Simplicity 1715

Size: 12, curvy, B-cup

Fabric: Cashmere blend from Walthamstow market

As soon as Simplicity released this pattern I knew I had to make it. I've read that other people think it's frumpy but I found that astonishing as I think it's a beautiful shape and sooooo flippin' cute! My mummy bought me the pattern for Christmas and I had already decided I was going to use some of my Walthamstow haul - a beautiful pale grey cashmere blend which is like stroking a baby bunny it's so soft.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who says hearts have to be upright?

Pattern: Butterick 5794

Size: 14

Fabric: Scandinavian heart print knit from John Lewis

I have decided there can't ever be too many knit items in my wardrobe and this fabric was far too divine to pass up (especially as it was in the sale).

Friday, 11 January 2013

But it all was bull%@&*


Pattern: Sewaholic Kelly skirt

Size: Large

Fabric: Teal corduroy from Fabricland

Apologies for the cursing, but this project is my homage to Robbie Hart's "I wrote half of it when I was with Linda, and I wrote the other half after we broke up, so it's a little uneven, you know?"

I started writing this blog post halfway through the Kelly skirt. It started so heavenly - wonderful, speedy, and then went so very wrong. I really hope our relationship has a happier ending that Robbie and Linda's and that Van Halen don't break up in the process. Oh, hang on...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Triple whammy!

Pattern: Sewaholic Crescent skirt

Size: 10

Fabric: Denim cotton from Cupcake Cottons; black flower suiting from Saeed's, Walthamstow.

Happy new year everybody! As predicted, the 12 days off work have flown by but I am pleased that I managed to get some sewing in between eating and drinking too much, watching a ton of films, traipsing around the muddy countryside, and completing a jigsaw of the London skyline.

I have been wanting to work on my weekend wardrobe a bit as I tend to make nice work dresses and not a lot for more casual wear. So I decided to make a denim version of the Sewaholic Crescent skirt. As it's so gathered I was worried that denim might be a bit thick so opted for a denim-y cotton instead. I love this fabric with its cute little flower pattern and it's just what I was looking for.