Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who says hearts have to be upright?

Pattern: Butterick 5794

Size: 14

Fabric: Scandinavian heart print knit from John Lewis

I have decided there can't ever be too many knit items in my wardrobe and this fabric was far too divine to pass up (especially as it was in the sale).

There's hardly anything to say about this project. It was really easy and really quick and I love it. I did a 14 as the measurements for that were already 2" smaller than mine. It has turned out a little looser than I would usually wear, but actually I like that as it's super comfy and I think the drape of the fabric still makes it flattering. Next time (already planning a V-neck version) I might make it a little smaller although perhaps not a whole size. This is one of those really-good-value-for-money patterns as there are so many different variations of sleeves, length, and neckline, that you could have one for every occasion and day of the week.

I knew I didn't have enough fabric or indeed the patience to match the stripes so decided to go for a kind of patchwork-y look instead which, paired with the pattern just makes this look so wonderfully homespun and individual. I particularly like how the vertical stripes of the back yoke accent the gathers.

I am definitely in competition for the dunce's cap, however, as I totally forgot to ensure the hearts were upright! And they're not. It's surprising how many people have posted on forums with the question "what is the symbolism of an upside-down heart?" Apparently it can only mean a broken heart, and "the sorrow after love". I just can't see sad things when I look at this dress, though, and actually, it makes me laugh so makes the dress even more joyful.

Upside down hearts. But how nice is that cowl?!

Plus, if upside-down hearts are good enough for this dude, then they're sure good enough for me!

Take THAT, Kelly skirt. I'm back in the saddle. I think this might also mark my first successful Butterick make. Top Gun high-five for me.


  1. I have this pattern also and I was wanting to do view B. This definitely makes me want to sew it up really quick!

    Also, the hearts are right side up (from your perspective while wearing it) :P

    1. Ooh yes, view B will be lovely! i look forward to seeing it.
      You are so sweet about the hearts. :-) x

    2. Hey minx! Loving the latest dress and good use of the JL material! I really like the back of the cowl neck - like a mini hood or something! Very cute xxx I had to put myself at anon! It's your Bond girl xxx

  2. Oh love, this is just stunning! And that fabric is gorgeous (damn JL for not selling their fabric online!)

    I'd love to borrow it, if I may! xx

    1. Thank you sweetness, you're so kind! I agree it's totally pesky they don't sell it online. You are of course welcome to borrow any time. xx