Thursday, 24 January 2013

The pattern that never stops giving

Pattern: Renfrew from Sewaholic

Size: 8 shoulders, grading to 6 waist

Fabric: Dusky pink lace knit from Ditto Fabrics

Some fabrics are so rare that I pretty much have a 'must buy' policy. A lace knit is one of those - I think I've only seen it once before, in fact. So, when I noticed this glorious dusky pink one on the Ditto Fabrics website, I snaffled me some pronto. I then realised, to my delight, how nice it would look with a shirt I had bought recently that didn't actually go with anything.

I don't consider clothes as separate entities, rather as parts of outfits. I generally don't like to own things that don't specifically go with something, so this shirt was quite the exception but it was in the Mistral sale so it was hard to say no! I decided I would make a renfrew out of my knit, and that it would look cute layered over the aforementioned shirt, and worn with the blue Crescent skirt.

As if to prove what excellent value for money this pattern is, I made a totally different version than last time, opting for short sleeves and a V-neck.

I'm very happy with this, particularly the neck edging which I was a bit nervous about attaching. Some of the seams, post-finishing are a bit thick, but I think only I will know about that as it doesn't seem to show.

A snowy backdrop for this photoshoot to ring the changes. I couldn't be bothered to put on tights for the shoot, so please excuse me looking like a mad person frolicking bare-legged in the snow!

Bonus pic of Toby in the snow cos he's cute. And a reminder: don't eat the yellow snow!



  1. Beautiful! I love that knit. Good ol Ditto! Good ol Renfrew!

  2. Loving the dusty pink, Minx! Definitely fate that you found the fabric; it goes perfectly with the shirt and will match many other items, I'm sure. Good work! I may have to steal sometime (if it is part of the join wardrobe, of course!). Loving the bonus picture of Toby too - very cute. Lots of love, London Minx xxx