Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Not called 'Amazing Fit' for nothing

Pattern: Simplicity 1715

Size: 12, curvy, B-cup

Fabric: Cashmere blend from Walthamstow market

As soon as Simplicity released this pattern I knew I had to make it. I've read that other people think it's frumpy but I found that astonishing as I think it's a beautiful shape and sooooo flippin' cute! My mummy bought me the pattern for Christmas and I had already decided I was going to use some of my Walthamstow haul - a beautiful pale grey cashmere blend which is like stroking a baby bunny it's so soft.

I was originally planning to make the long-sleeved version with the neck adornments but had a last-minute change of heart as I worried my fabric choice would make that too hot. So I went for the sleeveless and will layer it. Turns out the fabric isn't as thick and woolly as I thought it was, but better safe than sorry!

As you may know by now, I'm usually a lot more impressed with the indie designers, but I have to give credit where it's due, and say that Simplicity have absolutely nailed it with this pattern. It's pretty much impossible to get a bad fit, AND there's no need for a muslin!!! There are so many different options in one pattern - overall size, cup size, slim, average, or curvy.

Doing an impression of the girl on the pattern. She looked so peachy-keen.

I opted for a 12, curvy, with a B-cup and I didn't have to make a single alteration. Had I needed to, however, there's a stage to do that built in to the pattern. Everything is basted together and then there's a point where you can try the dress on, tweak and adjust, and then properly sew up the seams once you're happy with them. AMAZING!!

Lovely princess seams give great shape
Other things I'm pleased came together really quickly and I had it made in one day. But, I didn't rush it and finished it all properly with zigzag edging on each seam. I chose not to use the facing pieces of the pattern but used cute spotty bias binding on the neckline and armhole edges instead. This is partly because I can find facing a bit bulky and ungainly in some patterns, and also because bias binding is just so adorable and I love to see those polka dots peeking out when the dress is hanging up.

I topstitched the waist, as the seam wasn't lying flat and upsetting my silhouette which simply won't do! Topstitching is always attractive in my mind so I was happy to add that stage.

I'm really pleased with my zip. The waist joins don't entirely line up at the back, but otherwise it's pretty neat and for my first lapped zip I'm very pleased. I think I'm getting the hang of zips now although look forward to making a couple of things that don't involve them!

You probably can't see, but there's a lovely double dart at the back courtesy of the curvy version
I think this is one of my favourite things I've made. I suspect I say that a lot. :-) But I feel I've really turned a corner recently in terms of making nice-looking garments that aren't a mess inside and that fit me nicely.  See what you think, anyway! I think I might have to make the long-sleeved version still at some point although I'm not quite sure what fabric to go for...

"Nice dress, Mum." "Thanks, Tobes."


  1. I am absolutely kicking myself for not buying this when it was $1 at Joann's last week. This looks so cute on you. Really nice work on everything--zipper, darts, etc. The fit is perfect. I hope you find the perfect fabric to try the long-sleeved version. Killer shoes too.

    1. Oh, what a bargain that would have been! Worth it at full price, I'd say though. Thanks for your lovely compliments. And I've seen some pretty awesome shoes on your blog so I know you're a connoisseur! x