Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy Hollyburn


Pattern: Hollyburn from Sewaholic

Size: 10

Fabric: Mid-blue baby cord from Truro Fabrics.

When I first saw this pattern I admit I was underwhelmed. Nice for beginners, but a bit...boring? Then I started seeing versions pop up on the crafternet and realised how wrong I had been! This skirt is beautiful, and part of that beauty lies in its simplicity. I have been wearing my Crescent skirts to death and whilst I fancy making one for each day of the week, variety is the spice of life so a Hollyburn or two will be very welcome additions.
To pep it up a bit I made strawberry pockets which I love although, interestingly,  have made it impossible to find anything to go with the skirt! So I've done the thing I hate doing and gone for black. :-/ I also made the button tabs and used some pretty green buttons, so I think the skirt looks very cute and individual.

The usual excellent Sewaholic instructions and fit, so overall a very easy make.



  1. Whoop! So excited to see this and even more so that you've done it in needle cord. (I have exactly the same cunning plan!) It looks fantastic on you. How about a pale or very dark blue Renfrew to go with it? ;-) Well done girl, great make!

    1. Thanks, hon! Good idea about the Renfrew - I'll add it to the list! Look forward to your Hollyburn. x