Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One knitting minx

Pattern: Sirdar 2259

Size: 4-5 years

Yarn: Supersoft Aran in Kingfisher

 I haven't knitted in ages! I pretty much gave up after having too many instances of spending months working on a sweater / cardi only to find it didn't fit too well and feeling well and truly put out! It is great, however, knitting for little people because they don't have so many annoying curves to work around and also the process doesn't take half as long!

This was a gift for my niece's 5th birthday and bless her, she loved it! She jumped with excitement when she opened it and put it straight on. She even made a concerted effort to wipe her Pom-Bear- and cake-encrusted hands on a cloth rather than her cardi at tea time.

It was nice to do a spot of knitting for a change and reminded me how comforting it is to be able to craft in front of a good film. It's definitely a much more portable and sociable medium than machine sewing.

Not much to say on the process really. I'm a pretty experienced knitter so cables just fill me with joy rather than dread. I'm not a fan of 'pick-up-and-knit' but I ploughed through that with good cheer.

For a pleasant change you don't have to look at pictures of me pulling strange poses, but get this gorgeous mini minx instead!


  1. Good work! Have I mentioned that Evie is 4...? ;-)

    1. Thanks. Lucky Evie! I will consider commissions if she wants something. :-)

  2. Aw that is so so sweet! My mum knitted me a little short sleeved pink sweater with a very similar bobbly pattern for my sixth birthday and I can still remember it so clearly! I loved it! I love knitting infront of the TV too :)

    1. Aw, thanks Ami! Just been checking out your blog - loving your Nancy cardi. :-) x