Thursday, 7 March 2013

Waltzing Mathilde

Pattern: Mathilde blouse from Tilly and the Buttons

Size: 3

Fabric: Cotton from Mason's

I don't know if it was just the contrast after the hair-raising process of trouser-making, but this project was a dream. All the sewing stars were in alignment from the start.

I found the fabric on the remnants rail in Mason's so it was cheap but is a lovely, soft, drapey cotton and the pattern is so cute. I think it's flowers but they almost look like little skipping people. Happy flower people.

This was my first PDF pattern and it was great! Tilly has been careful to make it really easy to piece the pages together once printed and that was kind of fun in itself - like a separate mini craft project. I was sent the instructions along with the pattern pieces but actually didn't use them at all, instead following Tilly's sew-along-style instructions on her website. These were clearly explained with hints and tips and illustrated with useful photos.

The blouse itself is simple in construction, but so unusual and it was a joy seeing it come together. The pleats on the front are so elegant and the back buttoning is just beautiful.

My measurements made me a size 4 but I opted for a size 3 as there was a huge amount of ease (which makes sense as it's supposed to be a baggy blouse). I didn't want it so baggy it wasn't flattering, hence going down a size. It's great that Tilly includes these measurements (as do most of the independent designers) as it really gives you the opportunity to make your garment fit how you want it to, not how someone else has decided for you (ahem, Big 4).

I made Mathilde in two evening sessions and didn't feel stressed at any point. A totally enjoyable, serene experience. It was a team effort, mostly made with my lovely vintage Singer (SUCH a joy - I went all gooey watching the bobbin-winding mechanism!), switching to Janome for her buttonhole prowess.

I've started writing my blog posts while I'm in the process of making things as I often find that the end result taints my memory of the process. If I love the finished garment then I manage to forget the struggles along the way, and if I'm not too pleased with it, I forget how much fun it was to make and the new things I learned.

So I'm glad I documented how much I enjoyed making Mathilde. I am very pleased with the end result in terms of I think I did a good job and she looks neat and pretty. Unfortunately, she just doesn't suit my body shape. I think I knew this all along but was so blinded by her beauty that I wanted to persevere. Luckily, I have a friend who has a very different body shape to mine and so you can pretty much rely on something that looks bad on me, looking great on her. And it does! They're like a match made in heaven; I'm so happy!

So, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present Mathilde, and her new owner, the beautiful Caroline.


Ooh, we played around with Gimp. Aren't we clever?

And here's a bonus pic of Big Minx wearing a tie I made him for Christmas but didn't blog about because, well, it's a tie. But I think it looks rather dashing.


  1. I think that Mathilde looks great on you! Its definitely on my make list too!

  2. Love it! So glad you enjoyed using the pattern :)