Sunday, 31 March 2013

We're young. Burda says so.

Pattern: Burda Young 8237

Size: 10

Fabric: Denim and tartan from Mason's

My best friend (let's call her Bezzie Minx) asked if I would make her a skirt for her birthday. I was, of course, very pleased that she thought I was capable of this, but also rather terrified!

When she visited one weekend, we trotted down to Mason's and looked through patterns together and she chose Burda 8237. It's a simple skirt with lots of potential for customising which makes it very good value! We selected a denim and a contrasting blue tartan. Bezzie Minx asked if I could do a star cut-away applique - I'd never done one before but figured it couldn't be too hard. I also suggested a back pocket using the contrast fabric. I left the hem and the cut-away unfinished so they might fray with time and it seems to be working so far!

I discussed with a friend of Bezzie Minx that the awful part about making things for other people is that even if you say "please, be honest if you don't like it", there's a strong chance friends are too kind and polite to say so. However, the fact that she wore it on her birthday night out makes me think Bezzie Minx is genuinely pleased. And she looks gorgeous in it!!
*Warning, these photos are not for the prudish!*

Rufus making a beautiful prop

The skirt was so simple to make and used so little fabric that I whipped one up for myself too using the leftovers (albeit 3 sizes larger and a wee bit longer: we can't all have such slender thighs!). I think I'll make many more of these little darlings.

These magic skirts made us grow so tall
our heads touch the ceiling!
It was my first Burda pattern and I've heard people complain left, right, and centre about Burda, but I really liked it! The seam allowances were included (a common complaint against Burda) and the instructions were clear.

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