Sunday, 17 March 2013

More cwoffee?

Pattern: Simplicity 1882 (Amazing Fit)

Size: 14, A cup, curvy

Fabric: Brushed cotton from Croft Mill

After the wonderful experience of my first Amazing Fit pattern, I have been keen to try more. Lots of them are lovely but this one particularly caught my eye after seeing this beautiful example. I fancied an autumn/winter version so sought out some brushed cotton and found the glorious colours of "crushed strawberries" and "crushed chestnuts". Yum.
Again, the pattern was easy to follow, and the fit is brilliant. It did amuse me, however, to find that the sizings were different to the previous pattern! So, even within pattern ranges the sizes differ, meaning we can never rest on our laurels about these things! Last time I was a 12, B cup, and this time the exact same measurements made me a 14, A cup. Ah well, at least if you pay attention you get a great fit which is more than I can say for some designers.
I did piping for the first time which was great fun and looks sooooo nice on this dress! I even got it to line up pretty well at seams and the zip.
And look! Our little daffodils survived the snow.
My only slight problem is that there are parts of the dress that end up with lots of layers, in fact, 8 in some places when joining side seams at the piping part! This meant that French seams were pretty much out of the question which is a shame so I had to resort to the classic pinking shears finish which does the job, but isn't the most professional looking.
That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed making this and love the fit. I think it's very cute (hopefully not too much!) and a little bit diner waitress.
More cwoffee, dahlin'?



  1. You know what? - they use a pinking shears finish on seams in couture. It may not be as neat a finish as french seams, but if its good enough for Chanel its good enough for a Crafty Minx!

    1. Oh, do they really?! That is very comforting to know and I shall now wield my shears with pride! x

  2. Ah, so beautiful! I'm very glad I bought this pattern now. Bravo! xx

  3. I love this! Looks glam AND comfy at the same time - result! x