Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Pattern: Thurlow trousers from Sewaholic

Size: 10

Fabric: Donated black twill

I've loved these trousers from afar for a long time but thought they would be far too complex for me plus there's the probably more important concern that I just look awful in trousers. Friends and loved ones tell me I don't but trust me, I really do. This is my last attempt at finding a trouser that fits and flatters me. If they don't, then I hereby give up on trouser-wearing (other than slouchies).
The success of Minoru gave me the boost I needed to try the pattern.

I decided I would start with a pair of shorts as they only use about 1m of fabric, so not the end of the world if something goes wrong or they look awful at the end. So, I managed to squeeze some out of the leftover fabric from Minoru, along with contrast pockets. And then I tried my first ever welt pocket and ruined one back panel leaving me with not enough fabric to make the shorts. I can't believe I was so arrogant to not do a practice!! It was truly awful, but I practiced a couple more times and got the hang of it and now rather like doing welts.

I could have cut the shorts out of something else, but figured now I'd practiced the hard bits, perhaps I should just plough on with the trousers. A friend very generously donated me some black twill she no longer needed and I decided to use that. It was a good choice, as it is sturdy and creates nice crisp lines when pressed. If they get worn I think I shall spend most of my life lint rolling them and avoiding going near Little Minx and his generous fur donations.

I am still Tasia's biggest fan, but I must say her instructions were a little lacking. There were a couple of stages that combine about 6 stages in to one and therefore there aren't sufficient diagrams to explain. I found Lladybird's sew-along invaluable at these times and so send her a big high-five for her help!

I worried about the fit of these the whole way through as I could only find tiny people showing their versions online so had no similar body size to my own to compare to. I really enjoyed the experience of making them, though, and learned how to make welt pockets and a zip fly which is exciting.

The verdict?
They fit better around the waist and thighs than any pair of trousers I've ever owned. They make my massive thighs look quite slim (I think). The leg and bum fit isn't perfect, but let's consider these a wearable muslin. I'll be honest, I'm wearing these today and think I shall spend more time worrying about how they look than enjoying them. Realistically, I need to accept that trousers just don't flatter me but it's good to have a pair in case of trouser emergencies. And I'm really proud that I made some and learned some new techniques along the way.

There's the money-maker! Oh, and check out ma welt pockets

The Tasia pose



  1. Ooh, I think they look fantastic! Very slimming indeewd. And I love the Tasia pose ;) You've inspired me to give the shorts a go xx