Wednesday, 17 July 2013

It's a hell of a day at sea, Sir!

Pattern: Gathered Sundress from Pattern Runway
Size: 12
Fabric: Polycotton from Minerva Crafts and Mason's

This is actually the second pattern I've made from Pattern Runway, but the first one won't be making an appearance quite yet. Pattern Runway have quickly become my favourite indie pattern producer for the simple reasons that the patterns are gorgeous and unusual, they fit really well, the instructions are fantastically clear and usable, and they come as PDFs. Yay!! The whole process was easy and enjoyable except for I seem to have lost the ability to insert a zip - this one went in and came out about 5 times for assorted stupid reasons (one time because I'd put it in back to front - idiot!) and it's still not very neat.

I think the secret to successful sewing is always using busy prints and then it doesn't matter if you make a total pig's ear of it, nobody will know!

I was particularly off the boil with this one - perhaps it's the hot weather. My sewing room (AKA the conservatory) turns in to a tropical hothouse in the sun so between trying not to dehydrate, and throwing dog toys in the shape of tyres at giant spiders, it's not surprising I made a few stoopid mistakes. The best of all was cutting the centre bodice piece upside down. Nobody wants to wear sinking ships! The fabric seems to be going out of stock all around me and the only supplier I could find was going to charge more for shipping than the fabric itself, so I decided to go on a different tack (pun intended) and use a nautical stripe instead. It's great - I don't feel annoyed about it at all and wonder if it actually helps tone down the sugary sweetness of the dress.

Conveniently, I finished my dress the day before going on a little sailing expedition with the 'rents and Big Minx. It was the most glorious of days so where better to have a photo shoot than on the boat itself? Excuse me looking a bit ramshackle, I've just been swimming in the sea. Happy Minx.


  1. Ahh, so gorgeous! The nautical stripe was definitely a good choice. I love it! xx

    1. Phew, lucky save! Thanks for your advice. xx