Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Simply Sureau

Pattern: Sureau from Deer&Doe

Size: 38 graded to 40

Fabric: Purple flower cotton from Freelance Fabrics

I've had this pattern for ages and it's part of a set that I've, for some strange reason, decided I'm scared of making. I really don't know why, as Belladone, my only other Deer&Doe experience was a dream to make and fitted really nicely. I think I just wanted to love Sureau so much I was afraid of it going wrong in any way. But I've decided to bite the bullet and make these things that have been scaring me.

I also bought the fabric yonks ago, maybe 6 months or more so it's high time that got used! I love the muted colours as they look so vintage and pretty without being sickly sweet. It has been quite some time since I sewed with a simple cotton and it's such a treat! Easy to cut, mark up, sew, pink the edges, press...lovely.

The pattern was really simple to follow and the instructions may well be very useful but I wouldn't know because they're in French and I can't read them. They do look comprehensive though, so I have no doubt that they would be a great help for someone less experienced (and are now available in English, I might add). Gathering was involved which isn't my favourite thing to do, and I'm less than impressed with the gathers either side of the button band, but I am quite pleased with the skirt gathers, so progress has been made!

I could not be more chuffed with this dress. Everything about it is more perfect than I had ever dreamed. The leftover lace trim I had in my stash is the perfect colour to match the fabric and adds even more of a vintage flair to the dress. It fits superbly, the length is spot on. And, I got to use some buttons my luscious niece bought me for Christmas. I love that they technically don't go with the dress at all, but they just work for me and add a slightly modern, funky twist.

The only change I made was to shorten the sleeves as the 3/4 length ones in the pattern made me look somewhat puritanical. So I chopped them to above the elbow and still ended up rolling them up to look a bit less mumsy. I love the rolled up look, as it happens, so will leave them like that rather than cutting them further, and will embrace the countryside chic.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I managed to do my first ever fully invisible zip and would like to take a moment to be a bit smug about it. If it weren't for the zip-pull would you even know it was there?! Go me!

It seems there is a finite amount of beauty in the world, and this dress is such a stunner that the universe decided to make my face strange to compensate.

Nice hole in my leggings.


  1. Ooo that's dead pretty! Love the material and the left-over lace is a real hit - the perfect finish. I think the rolled up sleeves work very well too. Nice work missus! :-)

  2. Oh so beautiful! And that zip is immaculate - bravo, Minx! xx

  3. Oh i'm going to have to buy that pattern now!