Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Minx to the rescue!

Pattern: There wasn't one!

Size: 12

Fabric: Denim and cotton

I think I'm getting OK at following a pattern now, but I am still terrified by the idea of freestyling. However, these jeans have been bothering me. Literally. Every time I open the wardrobe they ask if they can be worn today and so I put them on only to remember I just don't really like the style any more. I hate to say this, but I think they're too young for me now! However, I do love how they fit so decided I would upcycle them in to a skirt!
Another bothersome thing in my life was this beautiful purple and pink flower cotton I bought to make a dress very early on in my sewing career last summer. It was a total flop and I never even finished it. But I thought a very cute, feminine print like this would be the perfect chum for denim.

Little Minx finds something pleasing to his nose

I unpicked the inside legs of the jeans and toyed with the idea of making a full-length skirt but actually thought I would get more wear out of a knee-length. So, I chopped it off just below the pockets and sewed the little curved bit down underneath the fly. I then made two big loops of the cotton, hemmed them, and attached the top one to the denim.

 It's perhaps not massively clear from the photos, but I then attached the second one beneath the first, a few centimetres up so that it made a little layer. And that's that, really! It's not the neatest or best-prepared skirt ever made, but it's really cute, rather 90's country music, and I've enjoyed wearing it today.

I'm on a day off today, coming down slowly from being on holiday for a long weekend, so I got up at usual work getting up time, and had this finished by 9.30. After which, I had a very successful shop in Mason's including two beautiful jerseys and all bought with birthday vouchers! Yay!
Little Minx is basking in the sunshine in the garden and I'm going to crack on with some more sewing! Have a good day, all.

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