Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Birthday bonanza

Pattern: Simplicity Amazing Fit 1717

Size: 14 curvy, View A

Fabric: Sparkle wool from Mason's

I asked for this pattern for Christmas as I thought it looked great for making a selection of simple skirts. And then I didn't get round to using it. I loved this fabric from afar for quite a while and then decided to just buy some and find something to make with it. I originally chose this pattern:

thinking it looked like a really cute, fitted shirt dress. It was terrible! Such bizarre fitting and doesn't resemble the photo on the envelope at all. I won't go in to full details, but it was so ridiculous I couldn't even be bothered to try to fix it, so went on a completely different tangent.

So, I scrabbled around in the pattern drawer(s) and was reacquainted with S1717.
This skirt was lovely to make. I chose view A, with the curvy option as I always do in Amazing Fit patterns and seems to suit my body shape nicely.

I was very pleased to discover their suggestion of edging the waistband facing in bias binding: not only is it pretty, but as my fabric is quite fine, it reduces the bulk around that area. It lead me to thinking that a folded hem might also be a bit bulky, so I used bias binding there too. Any excuse. I used up some leftovers, so they are different colours, but both lovely satin jewel colours, so I think it's rather jolly. I think pretty bias binding is rather like wearing fancy underroos. Even if nobody else sees it, I know it's there and it makes me happy.

The fabric is sparkly wool which is exciting enough in itself, but I decided to add a little bit of pizzazz with a pocket. There are large patch pockets included in the pattern but I felt they were a bit clown-like so borrowed a pocket from a jacket pattern I had. I like the offset look of having just one, and fancied it up with some black lace edging.

You will see from the back view that it really needs a hook & eye as the zip doesn't reach the top. But I came to the realisation I hate hooks & eyes! I hate putting them in and I hate using them. So I might make a button tab instead. Or, knowing me, I'll just leave it as it is.

I also have a couple of shout-outs to make to fabulous jewellery designers. I treated myself recently to a necklace and earring set from my very talented friend at Patricia Needham Designs. She posted on Facebook that she was in the process of making a sewing-related charm necklace and I bagsied it before I'd even seen it! Being the professional she is, Pat insisted I saw a photo before committing, but the photo just persuaded me even more. It's a sewer's dream, and I love the vintage feel to it. I haven't got an pics of me wearing it yet, but stole this one off her Facebook page (thanks, Pat!) to demonstrate. Check out the darling sewing machine and button clusters! The matching earrings also feature the button clusters.

Second, it's my birthday today (if you look closely you can see the background bunting is supporting cards, and a fabulous drawing of a giraffe in my honour)! Woohoo! And my luscious Big Minx bought me this necklace that we saw together at the Abingdon Excellence Market and he snuck back to get it while I popped in to Mason's! Such a cunning minx. This is designed by a local lady known as Steampunk Storm, and it features a gorgeous watch mechanism.

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