Thursday, 27 September 2012

What Jalie wallpaper!

Pattern: Jalie Scarf Collar Knit Top

Size: U (there are so many size options in this pattern so it can fit children and all sizes of adult!)

Fabric: Navy Flower Power interlock from Tissu Fabrics

I've wanted a top with a pussy bow (or a 'cat' bow as I have to call it when my best friend's email filters kick in!) for ages but there don't seem to be any around at the moment. So I was overjoyed when I found this pattern and ordered it straight away.

I was a little worried when the pattern arrived as there weren't the usual pages and pages of instructions, just a little list and a few pictures. But it turned out to be sheer joy! It's actually a really simple construction and therefore the instructions were ample, with the images to clear up any questions.

I'm a lazy sewist and usually pink my edges rather than do any finishing on them. This pattern recommended that each seam should be sewn with a zigzag stitch on the edge, and then a straight stitch whilst stretching the fabric a little. I did as instructed and it resulted in a really nicely finished garment that I'm very proud of. I would tentatively say that it looks shop bought. In a nice way.

The seam allowances are small in this pattern (1/4") and I get so used to be able to do quite big snips for marker points that there were a couple of times when I had to sew a slightly larger seam so as not to end up with a hole! Oops.

The hardest part was finding some nice jersey fabric! The one I bought is great, really nice and soft and a good thickness, although it's only a 2-way stretch when the pattern calls for 4-way. Luckily the top fits beautifully so it's not a problem but when (definitely when) I make it again I'll try to find a 4-way. I'm also a little concerned that the pattern on the fabric is a bit much, but it's growing on me and I'm testing it out on my colleagues today. Nobody has shrunk away in fear yet.

This is definitely the best pattern I've used so far in terms of picking a size based on my measurements and it fitting perfectly. The whole thing, pattern and fabric cutting, and sewing, took about 3-4 hours so this really is an instant-gratification project. I even squeezed in an episode of Great British Bake-Off in the middle.

I'll definitely be considering more Jalie patterns in the future.

The rain and the nights closing in are making mid-week outdoor shots rather difficult so here's a nice wall / door combo. Please excuse that I'm not looking my best - it was getting late and I'd been busily sewing all evening (hence the flushed cheeks).

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