Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's curtains for you!

Pattern: It's a rectangle

Size: My window

Fabric: Summersville by Lucie Summers in green.

For a while now we've needed a curtain for our little hallway window and after some deliberating, we agreed that Summersville was really rather cute and the right fabric for the job. It was a pretty simple job and barely blog-worthy, but as it's something I sewed, it gets on here! The fabric was just wide enough that I didn't need to join panels, although not enough to pleat it so it's a pretty straight curtain. I attached curtain tape to the top (that was fun, I now want to put curtain tape on everything!) and hemmed the sides and the bottom. And hung it. So simple!
I did have issues however in that my thread kept snapping and jamming which means unfortunately the hems aren't as neat as I would like. After trying every fix I could think of,  I eventually just changed thread and it worked fine. Lesson learned - sometimes sewing machines and threads just don't want to play together.

Here are some little pics!

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