Saturday, 29 September 2012

Off to a ceilidh (apparently)

Pattern: Butterick 5782

Fabric: Purple check polyester from Mason's (£2.99 a metre - let's hope it doesn't look cheap!)

Size 12

Option B

I must admit, that I wasn't looking forward to using this pattern having had some awful Butterick experiences. But I thought the fabric I bought was so well suited that I had to attempt it. I didn't do a muslin as the pattern pieces are full length and that would have been a lot of fabric so I just hoped for the best and cut a 12. It seems to fit rather well so that's a relief!

The pattern, as anticipated, wasn't the easiest to follow. There was a good deal of guess work and trust that it would all become clear involved. Things were even more complicated by the fact that there are instructions for three different styles of dress within the same pattern, so on a couple of occasions I wasted time being very confused and then realising I was reading the instructions for dress A or C.

This was a good test of my skills so far though, and I feel I have made progress as I was able to work out what they were talking about based on past experience. I love that it's fully lined - it feels very special and grown-up and makes a nice swishy sound when I walk.

Is there anything more luxurious than a nice, bright lining?

There were some bits of handsewing which made me nervous as I'm not the neatest and most patient person, but actually it was quite therapeutic, and attaching the lining to the zip was very pleasing and looks really neat so yay to that!

Things I'm not so happy about? The fabric is a bit too thick for the cowl neck to hang nicely but I think the addition of a brooch should fix that. I think I shall make another of this, as it's a great shape for work, but I'll try the V-neck. The waist is a tiny bit low on me. I always (I say always, I've only done this twice) make a mess of finishing the shoulder lining. It ends up bulky and not very pretty. I will press it to death and hope that works!

I was pleased with Big Minx's initial response of "Really? you made that?" and amused by the follow-up of "You look Scottish, like you're off to a ceilidh". :-)

Oh look - it has pockets! :-)

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