Saturday, 7 June 2014

Mon cher châtaigne

Pattern: Chataigne shorts from Deer & Doe
Size: 42
Fabric: Stretch denim

This is my third Deer & Doe pattern and it has confirmed that they are vying for top spot with Sewaholic in the 'Indie Designers I Love' charts.

The patterns are crazily cute, always simple to make, and in my experience, require no messing around with fit. The diagrams in the instructions are so clear and helpful that I made the first two patterns (Belladone and Sureau) using the French instructions! Thankfully, all their patterns are translated in to English so they're even easier!

I made these shorts to replace a much-loved but very annoying pair I already own. They're denim with turn-ups and I like to wear them with tights or leggings. The trouble is that the zip refuses to stay zipped which makes them reasonably unwearable for a girl with a small shred of dignity, which I like to think I have.

I love the fit of these and the shape is really cute, especially for those of us who are blessed with plenty of thigh and should therefore steer clear of a tight short. On the flip side, the lovely shape is not for those who have bum paranoia - it increases the size of mine considerably, although Elena kindly said it actually just serves to make my waist look smaller. Hooray for friends! Speaking of the lovely Elena, the fabulous tie-front blouse I'm wearing here is one of her creations, made from a Burda pattern. Clever girl.

Another thing I'm a fan of in this pattern is the side zip which makes for a nice, flat front to the shorts. I love the fabric - it's a sparkly stretch denim purchased on Goldhawk Road so whilst being casual, it feels a bit special and glam. Not much more to say - they came together in record time and I love them. Hoorah!

You can just about make out the gold sparkle here!
Btw, I looked it up - apparently 'chataigne' means 'sweet chestnut'. So that's nice.

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