Saturday, 21 June 2014

Just call me Linda Lue

Pattern: Meghan Peasant Dress by Sis Boom
Size: M (8-10)
Fabric: Viscose from Minerva Crafts 

It's always exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measures making a garment from a previously untried designer, but I was really keen to try this pattern. The design on the cover is sooooo cute, and I had visions of myself wandering a prairie farm wearing this dress, cowboy boots, and a denim jacket. In my mind I'm basically Linda Lue Linden (played by Sandra Bullock) in The Thing Called Love.

I've got my father's knees
The fabric is a Viscose from Minerva Crafts, from the same family as the one I used for my summer Cambie, with that lovely embroidered flower border.

I got on very well with the pattern which is well explained and really very simple. Interestingly, it doesn't include skirt pattern pieces, rather instructs you to cut out rectangles to a certain measurement and the use a shaping pattern piece to curve it in at the top. At first I thought this was bothersome, but actually, it's great! Less sticking together of pattern pieces is always a bonus.

The fit is easily achieved as it's all down to elastic. The size I chose fitted me perfectly, but it could easily be adjusted by hoiking in the elastic a bit more. I went for the smaller of the sizes I fell between as advised in the pattern, but still found there was too much fabric around the waist area and it looked a bit frumpy so I took some in from the sides.

I followed the instructions to make it knee-length, based on my height, but in reality it came to half way down my calves. It strongly resembled a wholesome, modest nightgown from Little House on the Prairie. I would have taken a photo but the sight of it made me actually gag a bit so I had to whip it off and chop the bottom off. Unfortunately, in my haste, I chopped way too much off, going from modest to ho-bag in one swift action. When your own boyfriend tells you something's too short, you know you're in trouble! I thought I had ruined it, but then came up with the genius plan (even if I do say so myself) to add another row of the border. Hooray! I think it looks awesome, and hopefully intentional. Phew. Close shave.

It's the comfiest dress, and deliciously cool on a hot day. It manages to not look like a maternity dress despite it being empire, but I bet it would accommodate a pie or two. I love it.

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