Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Glamorous Gabriola

Pattern: Gabriola skirt from Sewaholic
Size: 10
Fabric: Viscose suiting from Clothspot

It's no secret, I love me a Sewaholic pattern. Tasia has been busy granting my wishes and just as I bemoaned the lack of an indie maxi skirt pattern, she waved her magic wand and *pchoof* here's Gabriola.
It felt like a relief to be dealing with Sewaholic again. I knew the size 10 would fit me perfectly, and that the instructions would be so clear I wouldn't have to use my brain at all. I like that. And I wasn't disappointed.
Problems arose from my choice of fabric. I seem to have had a few projects recently where the fabric has been a bit tricksy and I think it's because I'm trying to use fun, winter fabrics. I'm usually glad I did in the end, I just have to get through the struggly, hatey bit first! This is a viscose suiting from Clothspot. It's weighty enough to be suitable for the cooler weather, but also drapes soooo nicely. 

Hang on, there's no dog on that lead!
I would like to quickly sing the praises of Clothspot as they not only stock the most wonderful selection of fabrics, but their customer service is excellent. They contacted me after I had placed my order to say there wasn't quite enough of the fabric but would I be happy to take what they had at a discounted rate? Yes, please! As it happens, there was still enough for my skirt, so good result and warm, happy feelings all round.

The main problems with the fabric were: refusal to be pressed, and desire to fray all over the place. I didn't want to use French seams as that would be too bulky in this fabric, so I zig-zagged every seam. This was a bit boring and laborious, and not being as clean a finish as an overlocked seam, it's still a bit messy and frayed on the inside. But at least I know it won't completely unravel on me! 

Bird's eye view
Knowing these things, I decided to bias bind the hem and that seems to have worked really well. I didn't have quite enough black (despite buying 3 metres of the stuff!) so there is a section of a few inches in silver. It won't win me the Sewing Bee, but quite frankly, I don't care and it amuses me knowing it's there. :-)

Stripes pretty much matching. Good enough for me!
I wore Gabby today, and loved her! She is very swooshy and dramatic but also super comfy. I can see at least one more in my future, hopefully made from a lovely, compliant cotton.

Live-action swooshing