Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scrap the time machine

Pattern: Sureau by Deer & Doe
Size: 38-40
Fabric: Wool mix from Mason's / Viscose lining from Ditto Fabrics

Pattern: New Look 6000
Size: 14
Fabric: Jersey with lace overlay from Mason's

I reckon most of us have, at some point, had that feeling of wishing we'd bought multiples of what turns out to be a favourite garment. For me, it's a pair of Gap jeans - the only pair of jeans I have ever felt good in. I have a friend who told me that if time travel is ever invented, she would use it to go back 8 years and buy more of her favourite cardigan from M&Co. Good use of science, there. :-)
The great thing about making your own clothes is that if you have that feeling, you can just go ahead and make another! Granted you probably won't get the same fabric again, but you will get something you know you love the style and fit of.

This is a double post about two new versions of items I've made before and loved. They were therefore lovely and simple to make because I knew the patterns, and had the pieces already cut. It also goes to show how much mileage can be got from one pattern to make completely different versions that you may not even recognise as the same thing.

First up...Sureau. I made a lightweight version last summer which I've really enjoyed wearing. Here's a reminder of that first one for comparison.

This wintery fabric for Version 2 was an impulse buy - I just had to have it. A wool mix with all that incredible applique on it!

 I chose Sureau because the skirt pattern piece is straight, therefore lending itself well to a border.
I cut one side of the front bodice to include some of the applique as well to continue the theme.

I lined it with some gorgeous sage green viscose lining from Ditto Fabrics. I was over the moon to find this - it's slippy enough to prevent tights-stickage, but doesn't have that horrible sweat-inducing weirdness of the usual acetate linings. And it comes in a glorious range of colours so I recommend you check it out.

Bonus dog shot
Second is another New Look 6000. Again, first version for reference:

This time, I wanted something less 'office' and more' night out', so shortened the hem, left off the collar, and did the ruched front option.

The fabric is a jersey with lace overlay but actually has very little stretch in it. Sufficient, however, to leave off the zip again which made for a very easy sew.

You will rarely hear me say this about films or music, but in terms of sewing...hooray for remakes!

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  1. Ahh, such gorgeous dresses! You know I'm a huge fan of that Sureau anyway, and the new NL6000 is glorious! Is that fabric from Masons? I think I've seen it there! xx