Saturday, 26 October 2013

Old McDonald had a...dress?

Pattern: New Look 6176
Size: 14
Fabric: Brushed cotton from Birmingham meat market

This is the last of my stash from our trip to Birmingham earlier in the year. I debated for a moment before I bought it as to whether or not a lady of my advancing years could possibly wear something covered in small animals, but it was a short debate as I thought "sod it, of course I can" and grabbed me some.

Bunnies, ducks, pigs, horses, flowers, houses, trees...very grown up
I was going to make another Sureau with it but then decided I would like to try this New Look number as I liked its simplicity for wearing at the weekends with some nice tights or leggings. It was an easy pattern to make and didn't take long at all. I opted for the longer sleeves but without the elastic ruching as I didn't like the idea of elastic against skin! Weird, now I say it out loud.

I like the dress, probably mostly because of the fabric. The fit isn't great and I did bring it in a bit when inserting the zip, but I think it's overall a size too big so it doesn't look brilliant. A waist belt certainly helps.
I would like to make the pattern again but I'm thinking a smaller size and a heavy jersey might see better results.

All that said, it's cute, I've enjoyed wearing it so far and I think it's a good addition to my sadly lacking weekend wardrobe. It's a beautiful autumn day today complete with blinding sun, bracing wind, and pelting rain. Photos were taken on a lovely canal walk before I stuffed myself full of jacket potato and cake at a tea room. Happiness is.

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