Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mission Possible

Pattern: Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina
Size: 12
Fabric: Viscose jersey from Minerva Fabrics

Today has been such a Sunday. Rain, hangover, movies and pizza. So it seems strange to be writing a blog post about a summer dress that we photographed in the heat of Barcelona. What a difference a few weeks and a few hundred miles make, huh?

I'm getting rather bored of hearing myself say this, so apologies if you're bored of reading it, but...I ignored this pattern at first as it looked rather boring! That old chestnut. I spent all summer looking for a nice maxi dress pattern and whilst they're really popular in the shops, the pattern companies don't seem to have cottoned on. There are a few around but they're either evening wear or rather frumpy. So right at the end of the summer I figured I'd give this one a go. I loved the Miz Mozelle pattern so knew I would be in safe hands with Jamie Christina's great pattern making and clear instructions. I wasn't disappointed.

It really was a breeze to make. In fact, the hardest part was dealing with tracing the pattern as the pieces are so long I found I would get to the far end only to discover my paper had slipped. I really must get some pattern weights. It didn't help I was trying to do it on a bed in a B&B. I will never learn.

After that little hiccough, however, it was plain sailing. I chose to do the version with the godet back as it's cute and I felt might be a bit more forgiving round the derriere. My main concern about this dress, in fact, is that it might make me look like a lumpy whale, it being rather fitted and all that. Somehow, Jamie Christina has waved a magic wand and it's actually incredibly forgiving. I really can't work out how it happens but I shan't argue. AND I used horizontal stripes (not very clever when concerned about looking wide!)

Determined to look as wide as possible!
The fabric is a lovely viscose jersey; really soft and drapey and therefore probably not the best suited for this pattern, particularly as it's very springy and the dress has quite a bit of weight in it. It seems to be holding its own though, so that's lucky. I used a plain black viscose jersey for the godet insert and the neckline and arm edging. Next time I plan to use a sturdier fabric. But that's a job for next summer, I think.


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    1. Thanks, Emilie! I just checked out your version which is gorgeous! x