Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stripe-igan Man

Pattern: Sirdar Click Chunky 9756

Size: 2 of 6 

Yarn: Click Chunky in 'Wild Cherry' and 'Loganberry'.

Ok, Stripe-igan Man probably isn't going to save the world any time soon. But doesn't he look dapper?
I started this cardigan a while ago and then it became summer and knitting seemed rather pointless. So, apologies as it may have been me that brought on the miserable weather again. I just wanted Big Minx to be able to wear his cardigan once, honest!

Stripe-igan Man pose

It's lovely to knit again: it whiled away some jolly pleasant time in our little Yorkshire cottage last month, and has accompanied many an episode of Community since we've been home. The yarn is lovely - a wool/acrylic blend and although it's 'chunky' and therefore works up fast, I wouldn't say it's a true chunky and so doesn't look crazy thick. I switched the colours around as I wanted the lovely Wild Cherry to be the more dominant.

I'm pleased with my work on this - the inside is tidy, the colour changing is neat, and it's definitely the best pick-up-and-knit I've ever done. This was always my knitting nemesis but now I feel ready to take it on any time! I think the technique has finally sunk in. Don't you love it when that happens? My stripes don't line up at the front like they do on the pattern picture, but that would be boring, right?

Yummy wooden buttons

It's hard to judge this in the same way I would if I were making for myself as a big part of the success of a make, for me, is the fit and how it feels. Obviously I can't tell how it feels on (although I have tried it on and it looks rather nice in a 'boyfriend' cardi [literally AND stylistically] way). Just looking at these pictures makes me want to hug him, though, so I guess that's a win.

While we were taking the photos (me as camera-person for a change!), Big Minx insisted on taking this photo of me to 'show what I really look like'. He said the people who read this will always see me in pretty things and not realise I go around in jeans, gilet, and skater trainers. I would like to point out that I wear jeans once a week if that, and honestly do wear pretty things most of the time! Until it's slouchies time, of course.

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  1. And I spy a pretty top under the gilet