Monday, 20 May 2013

Mad men and crazy hounds

Pattern: New Look 6912
Size: 14
Fabric: Cottons from Mason's

I bought this pattern on a whim about a year ago because I thought the dress looked soooo pretty. I then looked at my body and promptly returned it. But every time I saw this pattern on my regular pattern perving sessions online, I pined for it. So I bought it again and just hoped that the gods of sewing would look kindly upon me and let it look ok.

I am really pleased with the outcome. I tried very hard to make the inside look pretty and I think it does. I used French seams where possible, and as with my previous dress, it had a lovely waistband lining which I took the care to slipstitch in place.


It was fun to sew and felt like an elegant project all the way through. Apart from the zip. I struggled to line up the waistband and it's still about the worst zip I've ever done but I can live with it. It has a back vent which was a new thing in my learning curve not that it's difficult, but it's another achievement to tick off the list.
I like the fit as well, although I'm not sure how I would feel after a day sitting in the office. It's pretty...snug but does feel a bit Joan Holloway/Harris. I couldn't help but strike some lofty poses, so apologies on that front.

 I wonder if the skirt would be better made in a ponte knit to be a bit more forgiving. Or perhaps I should have made the next size up: the other versions in blog land appear to be a bit looser.

HOW short are my legs?!
I'm not sure if i have the guts to wear it to work. It's bright, tight, has a big bow on the front and is nothing like my usual style.

But perhaps I have to be that girl who strolls in wearing her garish frock and exudes so much confidence that nobody stops to think she looks weird.

Or, I could count this as the practice run and make a more demure one. Voting lines are open.

And if anyone out there who's a similar size to me and has more confidence would like to wear this instead of me, let me know!

Oh, and here's a free picture of a crazy hound.

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