Thursday, 6 December 2012

The 90's called...they want their top back!


Pattern: Renfrew from Sewaholic
Size: 10
Fabric: Jersey from Saeed's in Walthamstow

A boyfriend once said that about my jeanie jacket. It wasn't funny and he's now an ex-boyfriend. It is important to know when such a phrase is an insult, or when it's just plain true and something to be embraced. first Renfrew!
It seems pretty much everyone in the sewing world has made this pattern. There are so many wonderfully different versions out there, all tailored to the individual. My latest blog obsession, Four Square Walls has revealed that there are 24 possible combinations (if you include making it in to a dress!).
I've decided on two concepts and this first one I wanted to be more of a slouchy over-top than a t-shirt. I love love love the cowl neck and I think it really gives that look of effortless chic. I hope so, anyway. I made a size 10 for this as I wanted it to be more like a jumper, but when I make version 2 I'll make it in an 8 (or even a 6 as the 10 is so roomy) so it's more of a t-shirt fit.
I cut the fabric out one evening and made the top the next, in 2 hours. That is my kind of project! It's simple, but finished nicely as is so easy with jersey. I don't have an overlocker, so just did zigzag finishing.
The fabric is...interesting. I love it, although I can imagine it may attract some strange looks and I may get mistaken for a spaceman. But it's fun and makes me feel a bit party so I hope you'll all forgive me. In its favour, it has the most wonderful drape so I think it looks rather elegant, like a top from somewhere only mothers can afford.
The pattern is beautifully simple and accompanied by nice, clear images, as seems to be the case with all the indie designers. Thanks Tasia Sewaholic. :-)

The fabric is the joyous result of an investigatory trip to Walthamstow last weekend. I had heard tell of a huge variety of fabrics at £2 a metre and had to check this out for myself. The soothsayers weren't wrong. I visited one market stall and one shop and came away with the most wonderful haul! The shop (Saeed's) contained the biggest range of jersey I'd ever seen much to my great excitement. And all at £2 a metre. The shop assistants were wonderful, showing me what they had to offer but without being too pushy and generally joining in and laughing with (at) me as I ran around the shop in a frenzy of excitement. I also got some fabulous black flower-patterned suiting that will make an appearance in the next few months. At the stall I mentioned earlier I spent quite some time stroking a lovely pale grey fabric which I was told was cashmere blend. Amusingly, I was put off by the £6.50/metre asking price until Big Minx reminded me about the real world and how that's actually a bargain for something so beautiful. So I got enough to make a dress and much to my amusement, the stall-holder haggled ME down to £6.00/metre. I also ventured in to a small notions shops where I purchased invisible zips for 50p each! I should have bought tonnes of them but ended up feeling a little overwhelmed and couldn't focus properly so just got a couple for good measure. It really was a little piece of heaven and I'll definitely be making the pilgrimage again.

Hi there! You took me by surprise. I was just standing around in my new top...

Man, I look like a 30-something. Oh, hang on...

Strange artistic back/bum shot to demonstrate fabric sparkles

Lovely long sleeves with cute cuffs to keep your hooves warm


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  2. I hesitate to mention...but you should also try Goldhawk Road in Shepherd's Bush. More cheap fabric shops than you could shake a sparkley jersey-covered stick at.

  3. Cool, thanks for the tip! i figure it's well worth going to such places a couple of times a year for a big haul. Especially if there's jersey involved. x

  4. OMG that's one of the patterns on my shortlist! Good to know the sizes are generous and that the pattern is easy to make up. Your material does indeed have great drape, but great to hear it would work with T-shirt material, which is what I had in mind. Great make - nice work! :-)

    1. Thank you, Foxy. I bet you'll love making it. I think any kind of jersey is a go-er. x

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    1. Thanks, Jen! Maybe you'll have one too, some day. :-) x

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