Monday, 18 August 2014

One blog-hopping Minx!

Something a bit different this, time. My lovely girls over at Tea for Two Diary nominated me for Blog Hop which is basically a super way to find out fun stuff about other bloggers. I love that it's not just sewing-related, it applies to any and all kinds of blogs. So, I will answer the same questions below and then tell you a bit about the bloggers I want to nominate. And hopefully they will play along :-)
I don't like the idea of a blog post with no photos, so I shall intersperse some random images from a recent trip to Yorkshire.

1. What have you been doing / making / scribbling at your desk this week?

I'm usually staunchly sequential about my sewing and hate to have multiple projects on the go as, well, I find it a bit confusing really. And it's boring changing thread too often. This week, however, that has gone entirely out of the window! I've just finished a black denim skirt which I LOVE and am wearing to school today. I'm also remaking an oldy but a goody which I'll blog about soon so won't give too much away here! My head is full of autumn now that the weather has gone cold, and next on the cutting table (AKA my living room floor) is a dress to wear to a wedding in September – the fabric is incredible with a big leaf print in orange, green, burgundy...all the delights of autumn. So that's exciting. I also found some rather nice cotton/silk mix online earlier so am now obsessively thinking about blouses. Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

Dog and view
2. Where are you currently finding your inspiration? (Influences, heroes, sources of inspiration, paths exploring)?

As always, and I don't think I'm alone here, other bloggers are a massive source of inspiration. Sometimes a pattern is enough to get you going, but other times it's important to see a garment made up and on a body and with someone else's creative input. There have been patterns I've completely snubbed until I've seen a version in blog land and then I've completely changed my mind.
Often, the release of a new indie pattern gets my heart racing so I'm always keeping an eye out for those.
I'm not that fussed about what's in fashion and what's not (you may have noticed!) but I do find myself constantly checking out other people's outfits! Especially Elena's as I'm always wondering which bits she's made, which ones she might have tinkered with. And she always looks so well put together.
I've had the pleasure recently of collaborating with a very good friend on a photography/dressmaking project which I'll share more about in due course. There was a clear brief, as what I made needed to fit with a particular assignment she was working on, but between us we threw around ideas, and I found patterns and fabrics until we were both happy with it. That was something new for me as it's usually entirely left to my whim, but I enjoyed having a bit of structure for once!

Tiny man carrying massive pie
3. How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work / life / family balance?

Totally. Essential. I literally don't know how people live without it. And I don't mean just sewing, but anything. I love hearing about other people's hobbies, skills, and passions. I spend an alarming proportion of every day thinking of projects, fabrics, patterns; and I probably love my sewing machines way more than anybody should. Every now and then, when something goes wrong, I'll throw a strop and declare I'm giving up only to get laughed at later on when I sneak back to the sewing room to have another go. It's an obsession and an addiction and I'm fine with that.
It's difficult to blend it with work. At least I get to wear my creations to the office, I suppose. And whilst working very hard (obviously) I simultaneously daydream about making things. :-) My boys are very understanding although I try to not ignore them entirely for my hobby. When I'm having a big sewing session, I'll leave the door open to the sewing room and we can see each other, and talk to each other (when the sewing machine isn't making a racket!) and listen to Radio 4 comedy programmes together. And then I'll transfer to the sofa with my hand-sewing to get a bit closer to spending proper time together.

Dog enjoying a castle visit

My nominations!

Enough about me, let's move on to my nominations!! Both are blogs by colleagues of mine showing the breadth of interests found within the workplace.

First up is Dashing Divas written by Sian who is one of those fun-loving, adventurous types who makes you feel like boring wuss. She writes so well, that the blog post on her trip this year to climb Europe's highest peak left me breathless, a bit teary and feeling exhausted. Have a read!!! I like her blog, because, whilst it's about sporting achievements I doubt I could ever get close to, she's a real girl who doesn't make out it's all a piece of cake (mmm...cake).

Second, the absolutely inspired Sloth No Way. It has to be seen to be believed, but Sloth Queen Leah has created something that is guaranteed to make you smile no matter how bad the weather or how many wrong sides of bed you tried getting out of. Enjoy!!

Look out next Monday, 25th, for their responses to Blog Hop!

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