Sunday, 11 May 2014

Piece of cake?

Pattern: Cabarita by Cake Patterns
Size: 35
Fabric: Jersey from John Lewis

I love the design of this top, and it worked out really well, so kudos there. I did have a few criticisms of the pattern which I feel quite bad saying as I love the top and will definitely make more Cake items.

So, the low points were:

Sizing. This seems like a strange thing to complain about as the pattern is actually set up to give you more fitting choice. You choose a bust size, then a length, and then can also tailor the waist, fitting your measurement to the corresponding markings on the pattern. This is, of course, a good idea, but I felt it was a bit too much hard work for a t-shirt. I felt annoyed at having to work out what length I needed, and just wanted to be told the right length for my chosen size. I did choose to take it in at the waist a bit for extra shaping, but it wasn't the simplest thing to do, even with the markings. I expect I'll be the only one to complain about that, and I apologise for being cantankerous!

The instructions were also sadly lacking. There are no illustrations at all, which I find unnerving. I managed fine without them, but had I been a beginner I would have floundered, I think. Some of the instructions are also very unclear. Throughout, the pieces are referred to by the corresponding letter on the pattern (i.e. attach B to C) but then the centre back is referred to as 'CB' - the same letters meaning different things!
I changed the order some things were done in as they didn't seem to make sense to me. For example, the pattern asks you to attach the cuffs to the sleeves and then sew up the sleeve and side seams. I opted to close the sleeves first and then set in the cuffs, like one would for a Renfrew. It just seemed to make more sense that way. I took a couple of inches off each cuff, as well, so they draw the sleeve in a bit towards the arm, otherwise they were rather too wide for my liking. But that's just personal preference.

Mmm...v-back. The creases are just from the weird way I'm standing, btw.
Having said all that, the design is fantastic and I've ended up with a really different, well fitting garment, and I'll definitely be making more.

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