Saturday, 23 November 2013

Good in Theory...

Pattern: Thread Theory Newcastle Cardigan
Size: M-L (I cut between two sizes)
Fabric: Black sweatshirting from Vend Fabrics

...and in practice!

I was super excited when I first stumbled across the Thread Theory patterns. They are designed for men, but actual clothes for cool, stylish men. The other offerings in the sewing pattern world for men are pitiful to say the least. A couple of waistcoats and shapeless shirts with the most appalling envelope styling! I mean, why is it necessary for a man to always be accompanied by a small child wearing a matching shirt or waistcoat? It's just creepy. Nothing creepy about Thread Theory, however.

Big Minx is a huge fan of a jersey blazer/cardi so we both knew he must have a Newcastle Cardigan. It looked rather tricksy so I avoided it for a while but regular questioning on when it might happen eventually made me buck up my ideas and get on with it! His measurements fell between two sizes, so I just cut between two sizes. Simples. I went for the larger collar option as I think it has a snuggly look, just right for the colder weather.

Please ignore the creases, cardi had been inside a coat!
I chose a sweatshirt fabric as I thought a nice, fluffy inside would be an added treat. This isn't something I see very often, but I did manage to find a small selection on the Vend Fabrics site. Luckily, Big Minx wanted black so that was simple enough.

I'm very glad I read this review by Ginger Makes before I started, as she points out that there are places where you seam together six layers of fabric! As sweatshirting is pretty thick, I realised I needed to find something thinner for the yoke and shoulder pieces or it was going to be a big old wodgey nightmare! So some thin cotton jersey was procured (thanks Elena!) and off I went.

Be careful what you do when I've got the camera. I will use it!

This pattern is awesome in the extreme. What is actually a reasonably complicated garment felt like a walk in the park. Each stage was so well explained and illustrated that no part of it was scary or ambiguous. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of making it, with the added joy of sewing with the fluffy 'wrong side' of the fabric against my hands for most it. I really don't think I can fault this pattern, and therefore can't wait to try some more of Thread Theory's offerings.

Ooh, fluffy inside...
I have a feeling more versions will be appearing of this beauty in the future...


  1. Oooh, it's SO COOL. I must stop my selfish sewing and try their Henley top for James. V glad to hear the thinner jersey worked, yay! xx

  2. Very smart!! Big Minx looked suitably pleased too!!!!