Thursday, 26 September 2013

NL6000 - it's the future

Pattern: New Look 6000; View D
Size: 14
Fabric: Medium-weight jersey from Minerva Crafts

Goodness me, it's a long time since I did a blog post! That doesn't mean I haven't been busy, but I do seem to have got very bad at photographing my finished products. It's getting to that time of year again when weather and lack of daylight hours will mean you get to see the feature wall again. Loads.

I write this post from sunny Barcelona and hope to get interesting snaps of a few other items while I'm here! For now, though, here's one I made earlier.

I've had this pattern for about a year and it kept getting pushed back behind other 'more exciting' projects. What a wally. This dress is awesome! The pattern was so simple, made even more so by using jersey and thereby eliminating the zip. Even the collar is made very simply but looks so wonderful and really transforms what is otherwise a plain dress.

It's a great fit, and very comfy, but still feels office-smart. And doesn't crease as the day goes by. So, my ideal dress, really! There are a number of variations so I may well make another. I love the longer sleeves but they trouble me as would probably only work in limited weather conditions (those same few days that allow the wearing of gilets) and don't look cardi-friendly for the colder times.

I decided I wouldn't sew on a closure for the collar so I could chop and change between pretty brooches. A fun way to make the dress more versatile and use my brooches which unfortunately don't get many outings.

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  1. This is so gorgeous! Check out how fancy you look. Very handy to know it works in jersey, too - suddenly I have a use for one of the many lengths of double knit in my stash! xx