Monday, 17 June 2013

Faux wrap for a faux lady

Pattern: Simplicity 1653

Size: 14, curvy

Fabric: Linen jersey from Mason's

You may know by now that I have quite the love affair going on with Amazing Fit patterns so this was an easy choice when I decided I could do with a simple, but nice-for-work, jersey dress. I bought the fabric first as I knew I had to have it - it feels wonderful and cool, drapey, but also quite structured (that's the linen, I guess), and the muted colours are so fun, yet elegant.
The pattern was easy to follow and hand-holdy like all Amazing Fit ones are. Usually when I sew jersey, I do a straight stitch and then a zigzag to finish the seams, but this time I tried out the stretch stitch on my machine. I have to say, I'm a big fan! It's slower than a straight stitch, obviously, but then it's just one row of stitching rather than two, and it creates a wonderfully stretchy and extremely strong stitch so I think I'll always use it for jerseys now.
I tried to do some stripe matching which is reasonably tricky (for me, anyhow!) and I'm really pleased with how well they align on the back. The sides weren't quite so successful. I'd forgotten that the Amazing Fit patterns leave a huuuuuge seam allowance on the sides to allow for adjustment. I should have shrunk those down as I know from experience that these patterns fit me perfectly so don't need to tweak around with them. This massive seam allowance meant that , whilst I had cut my stripes carefully, by the time I'd actually sewn them up, they weren't perfectly in line with each other. If it had been a cotton, I would have unpicked and tried again, but I hate unpicking jersey, particularly with the stretch stitch, the concern being that I'll just ruin the fabric. So I left it and you'll have to forgive me.

As expected, the fit is great - it's super comfy and figure-hugging without being clingy and manages to hide all the bits a girl wants to hide. Another double thumbs up to Simplicity!
Now I have an elegant, faux-wrap dress, I have turned in to a faux-proper lady, so here's me relaxing on my balcony with sea views, sipping Prosecco. Rah.


  1. Oooh, this is is great! Another pattern to add to my list of to-dos! x

  2. Love this so much! It's such a flattering shape on you. And I'm so impressed with your stripe-matching at the back! xx

  3. What a great pattern - I can't wait to see it made up!

  4. I'm glad to hear the Amazing Fit patterns are good, I've been tempted by one of them for awhile now.
    Pretty dress, it looks fabulous :)