Tuesday, 13 November 2012

If at first you don't succeed...

Pattern: New Look 6802
Size: 12 top, 14 bottom
Fabric: Jersey from Fabric Land

If you've read my blog before you may recall Minxenstein's monster, a top borne of a failed dress. As I suspected at the time, the fabric I chose was way to thick and just not suited for the project. Also, after reading lots of reviews of this pattern, the over-riding criticism is that the gathering at the front is rather prone to giving the impression of pregnancy which is certainly something no non-expecting girl desires!

So, I armed myself with some beautiful jersey (navy blue and covered in tiny butterflies - eeeeek!) of the correct thickness, and cut the skirt front from the same pattern piece as the back, thereby eliminating the need for the aforementioned gathers. It was an absolute joy to make this time. I scaled up from last time and went for a 12 top and remembering how tight the failed skirt had been before, went all the way up to a 14 on bottom. Clever me, it turns out. From cutting the pattern to having most of the dress made took about 3 hours. Then just one more hour the next evening and the sleeves were in and the hem done. Yay!

It drapes beautifully and is a little figure-hugging but hopefully in a flattering way! The twist front is divine and adds real interest and star quality.

I'm totally besotted with this dress. Did I mention how comfy it is? Of course it is - it's jersey so tantamount to wearing slouchies!

I'm also very pleased to have broken the curse of this pattern and will definitely be inspired to make other versions. If I can just find a decent supplier of jersey...

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