Saturday, 28 July 2012

Actually the easiest skirt in the world!

Pattern: Tutorial from iCandy

Fabric: Jersey from Mason's

Size: Mine!

I had a lovely day today - a bit of a lie-in, a walk with Little Minx, then a trip to Mason's fabric shop (few things fill me with greater joy!), and a fabulous lunch and much-needed catch-up with a friend. I bought some jersey fabric with the intention of making a start on the Hopscotch skirt, and a couple of hours later it was all done and dusted!
This is the first thing I've made from a tutorial and it was brilliant! So simple, and the instructions were clearly explained, as well as well photographed.
I did find that I needed to make the waistband quite a bit smaller than I measured, but that may have been me measuring badly. I wanted the skirt to sit on my hips so went for 36", but ended up decreasing it by quite a lot so it was probably 33 - 34" by the end.
I also wasn't happy with the look of my gathering - it looked cheap. So i unpicked and put in pleats instead. I confess these aren't very even and I could have done a better job had I measured them properly, but I don't think it ruins the skirt.
I love this - it fits, looks reasonably smart, yet feels as comfy as slouchies. And no zip or buttons required!
Mama Earthly laughed at me the other day saying that I always say I'm going to make ten of everything, but I actually might with this!

Big Minx is away this week with work so you'll have to excuse my awful 'taken in the mirror' photos, but I was excited so wanted to share! :-)

By the way, has everyone listened to the second installment of the excellent Action Science Theatre? If not, get over there for some science-based laughs.

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